Faith Lutheran Church is a family in Christ Jesus, committed to the faithful proclamation of the Word of God and the Gospel of Salvation. We believe that God’s Word speaks clearly and powerfully to His people today – just as it has since the beginning of Creation itself. We believe that people receive salvation and eternal life as a free gift of God’s love, through faith in Jesus Christ His Son.

The Word of God and the Gospel of Salvation is proclaimed among us every week as the people of God gather around the Means of Grace to receive the gifts of God’s love. United in one faith and confession, it is our joy to share this good news with the world. Together, we seek to share the message of hope and forgiveness that is proclaimed from our pulpit in an effort to, “Empower All People To Know Jesus Christ!”.. . . beginning with our own community here in Punta Gorda, Florida.
For those who join in fellowship with us, we offer opportunities to grow in faith and love through detailed study and application of God’s Word. Classes are available often for the people of God, with special emphasis on Sunday morning instruction.

The Good Shepherd